Why TKE?

On behalf of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, I would like to thank each of you for taking the interest and the time to look at our site and get to know us. The Theta Iota Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon  was established at Northern Michigan University in 1961 and takes pride in our expansion and growth while maintaining high brotherhood morale and academic standards throughout the years. We strive to mold each other into being the best we can be by focusing on our strengths rather than on our weaknesses.

College is a pivotal point in all of our lives, and the point in which many of us will truly discover who we are. At Tau Kappa Epsilon, we encourage each member to freely express themselves. We stand not for wealth, rank, or honor, but rather for personal worth and character. Tau Kappa Epsilon stresses three essential elements: Love, Charity, and Esteem, which are the building blocks to our success and to the success of our members. We are a group of highly motivated individuals who are deeply involved in the Northern Michigan University community.

I personally invite anyone interested in greek life to take the opportunity to experience TKE. TKE is more than a social fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon goes well beyond college and our Chapter here at Northern Michigan University. The Theta Iota Chapter is merely one of over 270 active Chapters stretching across the United States, Canada, and Germany. The true TKE experience begins with college, and extends as long as you will let it.

Tau Kappa Epsilon is a choice that I will never regret. It has given me more than I could ever hope to repay. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the premier college Fraternity. We currently stand 245,000 strong and have been the largest Fraternity in the world since 1958!

Above all else, we as brothers believe in love and loyalty to our University, our Fraternity, and our Country. If these values are what you strive toward, the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon invite you to our upcoming rush events to allow you to take a closer look at how we work. It will give you an opportunity to meet the brothers, and for the brothers to meet you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email at 906-236-2505 or sroberts@nmu.edu. I urge every man to become part of something more: to become a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon.



Stephen Andersen
Prytanis (President)
Theta Iota Chapter
Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity

"The Choice to Belong, The Challenge to Become." Tau Kappa Epsilon challenges you to make the most of your life. Becoming a brother, gaining confidence through experience, developing as an individual and a leader, and making the most out of opportunities -- these are the hallmarks of being a Teke.

The Theta-Iota Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Northern Michigan University was installed as a chapter on February 18, 1961.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.